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"I have been using and recommending Kutzall files, both Grit and SSG, for use on different types of materials for years. Nothing removes soft stone faster, the durability and efficiency of these abrasives is outstanding."

- Marc Fields, Compleat Sculptor

"I couldn't make a living at what I do if it wasn't for Kutzall products... I can cut my work by at least 60%..."

- James Andison, Sweetwood Creations

"At Ice Sculptures Ltd, we believe that the only way to produce the best sculptures is to use the best tools. The coated bits we use by Kutzall have helped keep us on the cutting edge, so to speak."

- Randy Finch, Ice Sculptures Ltd

"Your Extreme Disc should be an essential item in the tool box for anyone building or maintaining log homes. We find it to be a wonderful tool for precise shaping and fitting of logs, and handy in chainsaw carving as well."

- Bill Huff, The Log Home Center

"I proudly use your burrs in my wood and stone sculptures. I rely on them and I trust them."

- Jay Goldstein, Jay Goldstein Art

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