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Hand Rasps

Hand Rasps

Quality handmade craftsmanship is found in every Kutzall tool. From custom tools to the humble hand rasp, if it bears the Kutzall name, it's built to work better and last longer.

Kutzall Hand Rasps are engineered to be the ultimate man-powered, hand-shaping instrument. These unique tools strike a fascinating balance between the shaping and smoothing function of a conventional file and the aggressive stock removal of a wood rasp. In addition, their construction makes them effective on materials like composites and soft stone, on which conventional steel-toothed files and rasps may work poorly, or provide only a short working life.

Each rasp features the Kutzall Original, tungsten-carbide coating. This provides you with an extremely long-lasting rasp and allows for effortless material removal and durability on even the most punishing applications.

Kutzall Rasps provide you with an aggressive, multi-directional rasp that will cut efficiently, resist loading, and stay sharp project after project.

  • Available in 6” and 8” sizes.
  • Comes in three popular shapes; Flat, Half-Round, and Warding.
  • Your choice of both coarse & fine grades.

Not recommended for use on metals.


"I have had the pleasure of using the new line of Kutzall rasps and I find them to be exquisite tools that remove wood at a brisk pace while affording very good control of the cut, which means you end up with the shape you intended! When I need to remove wood and I can't get to it with my right angle grinder and a Kutzall blade I reach for these little beauties! Try them and you will end up with a set in your tool box!"
- Hal Taylor, HalTaylor.com


  • Long-lasting! Carbide coating outlasts standard rasps many times over.
  • Handy! Multi-directional cutting action; great for confined spaces.
  • Versatile! Use on wood, drywall/ plaster, fiberglass & other composites, pattern-making materials, rubber & polyurethane, sand cores, soft stone, masonite & more.
  • Comfortable to use! Integral soft grip handle for ergonomic comfort.
  • Many applications! Wood carving, stone carving, remodeling, boat repair, pattern shops, foundries; opportunities are endless.