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Shaping Wheels

Kutzall Shaping Wheels give you incredibly smooth control with a superior finish. Whether you’re looking for a Dish Wheel to freehand carve your larger projects or a Disc for smoothing out problem areas, we have multiple options to help you with your creation.

The pronounced carving radius on our 4½" Dish Wheels is perfect for effortless contour sculpting, and adding extra levels of dimension into your creations.

If you need a tool that is better suited for smoothing out the rough edges of your project, our Kutzall Shaping Discs are the perfect complement to your right-angle grinder. When compared to our fully-rounded Dishes, the Shaping Discs have a semi-flat surface, which allows you to effortlessly level high spots, or adjust uneven surfaces. Despite their relatively flat shape, the slight curvature will allow for controlled free-hand, flat, or convex shaping.

Kutzall Dish Wheels & Shaping Discs are available in 2 different coating styles, Original and Extreme.

Original – Uses our signature original Kutzall coating, which allows for smooth and quick shaping, and leaves a surface that's ready for final finishing steps.

Extreme – Kutzall Extreme is our most aggressive coating, for when you need to remove a lot, in a hurry! The aggressive "teeth" on the Extreme coating are open spaced, providing fast material removal, with minimal loading.

  • 4-1/2" Dish/ Disc recommended operating speed range: 5,000 - 15,000 RPM.
  • 7" Disc recommended operating speed range: 5,000 - 9,000 RPM.

The rugged tungsten-carbide coating on all Kutzall Tools allows you to cut faster, and longer, with minimal clogging and time spent cleaning.

Some angle grinders offer a variable-speed feature, which some users may prefer. Please note, that operating a variable-speed grinder below the lower end of the speed range, may result in reduced operating control.

Learn how to properly mount your Dish Wheel or Shaping Disc with this reference guide!

For product details and grit options, select your coating style below!