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Kutzall burrs are the perfect companions for your rotary carving tools.  Our burrs are available in a variety of coating and shape combinations, allowing you to select the perfect burr for the job.  The shape palate includes ball nose, cylinder, dove tail, flame, rotor saw, sphere, and taper.

With 1/4" and 1/8" shaft options, they can be used in wide range of power tools depending on collet or chuck size. Our 1/8" burrs work amazingly well in smaller rotary tools like Dremels, while our larger 1/4" burrs will feel right at home in your die grinders or large flex shaft hand-pieces.

Recommended operating speed range is 10,000 - 25,000 RPM. For DIY applications, Kutzall Burrs will remove material at lower speeds (hand drills, drill presses) but both material-removal rate and control improve as speed increases.

Please Note: Diameter and head length dimensions on Kutzall burrs are base dimensions. The coatings add approximately .060" - .102" (1/8" Shaft Burrs) & .090" - .164" (1/4" Shaft Burrs)

Like all Kutzall tools, our burrs are hand made in the U.S. (The Motor City suburbs, to be exact!) using incredibly durable materials, primarily tungsten-carbide, and are engineered to cut faster, last longer, and require less cleaning than other comparable rotary carving tools. Check out the diverse selection of Kutzall Burrs below!