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Ice Carving: Essential Tools

As our name suggests, Kutzall Tools are able to be used across a wide array of mediums, including ice!

As fellow craftsmen, we understand just how many power tools are required to bring your ice sculptures to life. Whether you're running a variable speed rotary carver with a 1/4" chuck, a 4-7" right angle grinder, a precision 1/8" chuck rotary carver, or your own two hands, we have the perfect tools to compliment your rig.  

We also understand that in the world of ice carving, time is an incredibly precious commodity. Whether you're racing the temperature or the competition clock, every second counts. That's why we've designed the razor sharp coatings on our tools to remove ice efficiently, cut smoothly, resist loading, and keep their sharpness longer. 

If you're looking to transform a block of ice into an imaginative masterpiece, then check out the list below of essential ice sculpting tools and carve confidently with Kutzall!