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Utility Carvers

Practicality and usefulness can go hand-in-hand with creativity and artistic flair. Just because your creations get put to rugged or everyday use, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the artistic touch. As fellow creators of hand-made products intended for years of use and enjoyment, Kutzall understands how you view and value your work.

When the objects you create are designed for daily use, but are also intended to be appreciated for their uniqueness, they should be crafted with the best possible materials. This includes the tools in your toolbox. Kutzall products are essential, multi-use tools ideal for the many tasks that you face when bringing your imagination to life, like shaping flowing, organic contours.

Featuring a wide array of shapes and carbide-coating options, Kutzall tools have been used to create many functional, hard-use items like boat components, paddles, oars, surfboards, skateboards, bowls, and spoons. Kutzall users have even used these tools to integrate unique character into high-traffic, heavy-use household items like sinks, doors, stair railings, and columns.

If you believe that a carved product should reflect the unique character of the creator, you should be carving with Kutzall.