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Furniture Making

When every detail matters, trust Kutzall Tools.
In many ways, furniture is as much of an expression of the creator than the eventual owner. Every detail is intentional and meticulously thought through, from smallest cut and contour the tools used to bring the piece to life. We understand this mentality. That's why every Kutzall tool is intentionally engineered and painstakingly handmade.

Kutzall tools are the perfect solution for furniture makers who perform tasks like contouring seat bottoms, creating organic waves and textures, carving intricate details in trim, shaping, leveling, and notching. Our tools have been used to make breathtaking pieces like rocking chairs, live edge shelving, bed frames, cabinet doors and tree root-table bases trusted by some of the most visionary craftsman in furniture making today like Jory Brigham Design and Canadian Woodworks.

If you're serious about creating beautiful legacy furniture that will be passed down from generation to generation, Kutzall tools are an indispensable asset to bring any piece to life.