Ball Nose Burr - Kutzall
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Ball Nose Burr

Ball Nose

Kutzall Ball Nose Burrs are designed with versatility in mind. You can use the flat sides to quickly round-over an edge, or, use the rounded nose to produce a fillet in a corner, hollow-out a concave area, or make radius-bottom grooves.  Either way, a Kutzall Ball Nose Burr will handle the task with ease.

Kutzall Ball Nose Burrs are available in a variety of head dimensions, in either coarse or fine grit, depending on what and how much you need to cut. And, with 1/4" or 1/8" shaft diameters, they can be used in your preferred rotary tool.

Like all Kutzall tools, our Ball Nose Burrs are handmade out of tungsten-carbide for maximum durability, and are engineered to efficiently produce clean, finished cuts without dulling or loading. This means you'll spend more time carving, and less time fussing with your tools.