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Kutzall Hand Rasps Review: ScrollSaw Woodworking Magazine

Our latest product, Kutzall Hand Rasps, were recently featured in a ScrollSaw Woodworking Magazine review! Check it out here!

These tools, which come in a variety of shapes and grits, stand head and shoulders above traditional rasps, reaching areas many other tools will not.
-Bob Duncan

Whether you're trying to remove material quickly or smooth out less than perfect cuts, our Hand Rasps are the perfect solution. They're available in a variety of different coatings and sizes and will allow you to perform precise, multidirectional cuts and carve out tight areas that rotary carving tools simply cannot reach.

To learn more about or shop our selection of Hand Rasps, click here!

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  • Thank you very much for sharing this post with us, It’s great :)

    Reid Davis
  • The prices of the Rasps start at $25.00 and can be found here:


  • Where do I get a price of your product hand rasp please

    Brian Williams

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