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RZ Mask Exhalation Valve Caps

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The latest recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) discourage using masks with exhalation valves, when the mask is worn specifically to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or other viruses. RZ® quickly responded by developing the patent-pending Exhalation Valve Caps which disable the valves and prevent any unfiltered air from escaping the mask. Simply add them to your next order to add enhance protection for those around you in crowded indoor areas!

One-way valves offer an improved flow rate while you exhale air, helping to eliminate moisture from your face and mask. In contrast, our new Exhalation Valve Caps do not allow any air to pass through – forcing your exhaled breath back through the mask filter. This design helps to prevent the spread of airborne particulate or germs to those around you in tight indoor spaces. Some states now require this design, and we suggest checking with your local authorities.

  • 2 Patent Pending Exhalation Valve Caps per package (each includes valve cap and cap base)
  • Currently only available in light teal color
  • 1.5" diameter in size
  • Compatible with all RZ Industries™ mask models

Due to COVID-19, all RZ Mask Accessory sales are final.

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