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Kutzall Customs

The standard line of Kutzall Tools is extremely versatile, and suitable for many applications in both craft and industrial use. Sometimes, though, in the course of business, you might need a tool custom designed to fit a specific task.

Kutzall tools are hand made by American craftsmen; we understand the value of using the right tool for the job. That’s why we apply decades of experience, and a versatile palette of tool technology, to develop one-off solutions for tough material-removal jobs. When you need something very specialized, and you are not willing to sacrifice quality or effectiveness by using an inadequate substitute, think Kutzall Customs.

To see a Kutzall Custom in action, check out the Factory Made video below. The folks over at Rusty® Surfboards are creators of professional quality surfboards, and have a meticulous eye for detail. They needed a specialized router that would last long and shape the polymer foam core in their boards with rapid, surgical precision. The requirements were tough; the tool could not deform, tear, chip, or melt this challenging material. We listened to their needs and created a one of a kind router that exceeded their expectations! The custom Kutzall router can be seen in action at 1:08!

Watch a Kutzall Custom in Action!

Custom routers

Custom routers

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