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Kutzall Coatings

We understand that every job is unique; you need tools that are painstakingly tailored to meet your projects' special demands. That's why Kutzall offers our tools in three different coating options: Kutzall Original, Kutzall Extreme™, and Kutzall Grit.

Each of our coatings consists of hundreds of extremely sharp tungsten carbide edges, designed to quickly and efficiently remove stock, while providing many times the life of conventional steel tools. Our unique coatings also resist loading, but can easily be cleaned with solvent or burned clean with a gas torch.

Kutzall Original
Kutzall Original

The Kutzall Original line features the most popular Kutzall coating and is applied to our Burrs, Dish Wheels, and Sanding Discs. This coating cuts with randomly-positioned teeth, working simultaneously to help remove material rapidly. These very sharp teeth create a smooth cutting action, providing very easy control. This makes them ideal for hand-held operations. They create very little heat, and leave a smooth surface ready for the final finish steps.

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Kutzall Extreme
Kutzall Extreme™

The Kutzall Extreme™ line features a more open, patterned arrangement of conical teeth and is applied to our Dish Wheels and Sanding Discs. The teeth are free-cutting, making them exceptionally resistant to loading, even on very soft materials. These tools perform with a highly aggressive cutting action, perfect for the carver looking to remove a lot of stock quickly, with minimal effort.

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Kutzall Grit
Kutzall Grit

Kutzall Grit tools use a very rugged coating comprised of hard, randomly configured, sharp-edged ‘grits’. The Grit coating is remarkably impact-resistant, providing outstanding wear life. These tools work well on wood, but they are most popular for more punishing applications. They are excellent for grinding fiberglass and similar composites, working on soft tile and masonry or carving soft stone.

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