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Calavera Aprons now available at Kutzall Tools!

You need the best equipment for the job, and that extends outside your tool kit. That's why we're excited to announce that we're now carrying two variants of Calavera Tool Works' top-tier, handcrafted leather aprons.

We're currently offering two different options: the Bison Oil Finished and the Tobacco Work Aprons. Made in the USA and durable as hell, each variation is offered in medium and large sizes and comes with different strap options for comfortability and secureness during any job.


The Aprons:

The Tobacco Work Apron is a rugged, oil finished leather work apron that feels broken in right out of the gate. It's known as the best seller of the aprons, and there's good reason why. Features 3 hard-wearing, adjustable strap options made from the toughest bridle leather that Calavera Tool Works could find.

The Bison Oil Finished Work Apron is, in a word, glorious. This ultra-soft yet incredibly durable American Bison work apron is a true work of art. In terms of color, these aprons will range from a warm sand, almost khaki appearance to a slightly more buttery color... imagine the sawdust under your table after cutting a piece of yellow pine. 


The Straps:

The straps come in X-Back and Y-Back variants. The X-Back has an incredibly comfortable fit with adjustable 1" harness-style straps with quick-release. The Y-Back combines the comfort of the harness style straps with a sturdy, adjustable belt for a perfect, secure fit.


     X-Back Strap                 Y-Back Strap


Calavera has taken great care in designing each of their strap options, leaving plenty of length and ample points of adjustment, including buckles, post screws, and more. These aprons are built to be used over a long day's work, so it's critical that yours fits just right. 



The Fit:

We're currently carrying 28" and 30" aprons. The 28" is a good fit for just about anyone 5'8" and below, while the 30" is a great option for those between 5'8" and 6'2".

 These handcrafted aprons are the real deal. Renowned woodworker Jory Brigham is an advocate of these incredible aprons, but don't just take our word for it! Watch the video below...





Right now, we have an inventory of these aprons just waiting to be worn! We're so excited that with every apron purchased we're giving away a $10 off e-gift card for your next Kutzall purchase. Adding an apron to your cart will make the e-gift card and special promo code appear. Simply add the e-gift card to your cart when prompted, and enter the special promo code to collect it for free!

This promotion will end September 30th, so click here to start shopping and get the last apron you'll ever buy today.

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  • Recently, I bought one of your files (fine) to help shape my canes.

    Simply put, “It’s the best damn file I own.”


    Mike Woodward

    Mike Woodward

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