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The New Kutzall Extreme Burr Collection!

Speed. Control. Results


Since we first released the Extreme coating on the dishes and discs, we've seen amazing creations from all over the Kutzall community. The unparalleled material removal capabilities of this coating transforms these products into indispensable tools for all levels of power carvers.

Those same performance benefits found in the Kutzall Extreme wheel series have now been brought to rotary burr carving. This has resulted in the ultimate set of tools for heavy hogging, even in the most delicate and intricate of projects.

The Extreme burrs compliment the Kutzall Original burr line - adding another degree of aggressiveness across the entire selection of versatile Kutzall shapes. This provides you with wicked-fast cutting action over a broad spectrum of applications, all while maintaining an attractive work-piece finish.

Watch the video below to see just how well the new Extreme Burrs leave their mark.

Check out the Kutzall Extreme Burr Collection now by clicking the button below and experience the difference!

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  • Hi guys, is there anywhere in Australia I can get these 1/8 kutzall burrs??

    Matt Gilfillan
  • Jack,

    They do have new stainless steel shafts (along with the rest of the Burrs now) so they should be plenty strong enough!

  • Jeepers creepers I wish these were available when I placed my order for burrs last weekend!
    Or maybe they were and I just missed it, I suppose the originals are still good enough.

    Alan doner

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