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Kutzall Shaping Dishes and Discs Just Got More Extreme!

Introducing the new and improved Extreme – Very Coarse coating!


If there are two things we pride ourselves on, it’s the level of care and quality put into each and every one of our tools and the passion and excitement of our customer’s feedback. We took everything that you loved about our Extreme – Very Coarse Shaping Dishes and Discs and made them so. much. better.

Our products have always lead the industry in removing stock quicker and lasting longer than the competition. So, how do you make an already-impressive product even better? Keep on reading and you'll see how we turned up their performance a notch or two.

The new Kutzall Extreme – Very Coarse coating’s teeth have been improved to make them stronger, more stable and even more aggressive than before!  

  1. Strength - First, each individual tooth’s base diameter has been increased by 70% making the tooth structure more stable and able to handle even the toughest projects.
  2. Efficiency - Next the teeth are 50% taller for even more aggressive stock removal.
  3. Durability - Finally, the angle of the teeth has been increased by 5° to extend our wear-life even further.


    These tooth structure changes have opened up a world of carving capabilities. Not convinced? We recently put this tool into the hands of Lee LaVanway, an experienced craftsman and speed carver. These are a few of the highlights from his review on our new coating and the possibilities it holds for leaving your own unique mark:

    -"...nothing beats the Kutzall Wheel for rapid, controlled wood removal..simply
    the best roughing tool I have ever touched to wood."

    -" sure lifts creativity up to a whole new level of
    inspiring possibilities

    -"...the Dish Wheel takes the innovation beyond anything else I have used."

    -"Kudos to Kutzall for continuing to innovate and lead the field among
    'speed carving' tools makers."

    If you'd like to read the rest of Lee LaVanway's detailed review of the improved Extreme – Very Coarse coating you can find it here!

    With these new changes, the Extreme – Very Coarse Shaping Dishes and Discs are the toughest and most efficient tools on the market! This new generation of Extreme – Very Coarse tools is available now, so click below to experience this new coating for yourself and take your work to new extremes!

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    • Jerry,

      Although the tools do work on softer stones, marble is quite hard and therefore it’s possible you may experience breakage of the teeth when used.

    • Is this disc tough enough for marble ?

      Jerry Ballaine
    • I have used the discs and burrs to work stone (mostly alabaster, but also other softer stones). They are wonderful – save me literally hours of hand work. I will definitely look at the new ones.

      Tom Van Valey

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