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Kutzall Contest Winner Horst Schach

Horst walks us through his process

"A friend wanted a dining room table made from a tree stump." The rest was history. After pressure washing and trimming, Horst built a jig to create a level surface for the top. The assortment of Kutzall tools shown below to clean the inside and narrow crevices of the exterior of the stump were the only tools he could find to do the job! The cone-shaped carving burr was integral in cleaning out tight crevices in the weathered stump.
This wasn't Horst's first rodeo. "This is the fourth table I've created from old tree stumps, and in all of these endeavors, Kutzall tools were essential to the successful completion of each project and made my work much easier!", said Horst.
Thank you for showing us what you can do with Kutzall tools and we hope you enjoy using your new Kutzall Starter Kit!

We would like to thank everyone for all of their submissions. Picking a winner was not easy with all of the fantastic submissions we received. Keep on crafting everyone!

View Horst's designs on our Facebook page.

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  • Bruce,

    Those items are actually Kutzall Contour Wheels, which mount on a 1/4" shaft arbor. We have been selling them outside of the Kutzall website as a test, which has since been quite successful. Although they have not yet launched here, you may check them out on Amazon. Below are a few links that should be helpful:

  • Congratulations Horst.

    Brian Lee
  • More a question for a Kutzall rep: What are the cylindrical burrs, 3rd and 5th from the left, displayed on the table in the 2nd to last photo, and possibly being used in the last photo.. I don’t believe I have seen those in any product guides, and they appear to be something I would find very useful.

    A direct response to my email would be helpful

    Regards, and thank you for any assistance.

    Bruce Edmundson

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