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Optimize your creative control

Two unique profiles to fit your needs

Shaping Discs

The semi-flat profile allows you to easily level high spots or adjust uneven surfaces.

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Dish Wheels

The rounded form lets you effortlessly contour and shape, allowing you to add whole new dimensions to your project.

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Your go-to workhorse for any task

Shape, contour, hollow, trim, notch, or make adjustments with ease, as these wheels will be your go-to workhorse for any task.

Easy to clean

Kutzall tools can be easily cleaned using a torch and/or a quick few passes with a soft wire brush, the heat will not harm the teeth!

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Mounting Guide

The Kutzall Shaping Wheels feature a 7/8” I.D and are intended to mount on a standard electric angle grinder with a 5/8” shaft. They mount on the 7/8” shoulder found on the flange or adapter included with most angle grinders. The flange is put on the grinder first, followed by the wheel and then the nut.

Structured Tooth Technology

We understand that every job is unique. You need tools that are tailored to meet your projects’ special demands. That's why Kutzall Shaping Wheels have two different styles of proprietary 'Structured Tooth' technology, in a variety of coarseness grades. 


These randomly-positioned teeth work simultaneously to remove material rapidly and create a smooth cutting action that is easy to control - works exceptionally well on harder woods.


Features a regular pattern of open-spaced teeth designed for heavy material removal while being highly resistant to loading - great for working with soft, wet, or gummy woods.

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