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LIMITED EDITION Leather-Wrapped Half-Round Hand Rasp

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The Power Carver's Choice

Made in the U.S.A.

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Our one-of-a kind Hand Rasp designed in collaboration with Ethan Carter Designs is the ultimate essence of craftsmanship. Feel the wood surrender to the smooth stokes of this exquisite, leather-wrapped rasp and elevate your woodworking bliss. The 6" Half-Round rasp combines a radius side for creating concave surfaces, contouring edges, and rounding holes, with a flat side for flattening and rounding over corners. Their multi-directional cutting ability allows you to quickly remove material in even the most confined spaces. 


Available in Coarse & Fine grades

Ethan Carter is a self-taught maker and YouTuber who is known for adding #unnecessaryleather to everything from knife sheaths to coffee filters.

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