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  • Taper Burr on mortar
  • Taper Burr on drywall
  • Dish Wheel on wood

There's a lot to be said about being independent and doing things for yourself. Think about it, there's not much in this world that's more satisfying than completing a project from start to finish.

If you consider yourself a "do-it yourselfer", then you've probably learned the value of using "the right tool for the job." Well, like anybody who has used tools to complete a project, you probably realized quickly that not all tools are created equal and that, usually, a select few tend to be the "right tool" more than others.

Kutzall tools are usually part of the select few that wind up being "right for the job", more often than not. In fact, if there's one thing we've heard the most from our DIY minded customers, it's that they never knew just how much they needed "their Kutzall" until they actually had one in their tool kit. The quality, dependability, and sheer versatility of our tools tend to result in them becoming an indispensable part of the do-it yourselfers' essential tool kit.

Kutzall Tools can be used to accomplish nearly an endless amount of tasks, including (but not limited to): 

  • Opening up notches and openings, and leveling surfaces, in lumber, drywall, and plaster during remodeling projects.
  • Notching joists for clearance.
  • Adjusting opening size in framing lumber when replacing windows.
  • Removing damaged material and shaping for fiberglass repair.
  • Drywall repair – fixing defects in drywall or plaster.
  • Removing nail-pops from drywall.
  • Cutting reliefs for door striker plates or hinges.
  • Log home building, maintenance and chinking repair.
  • Counter Top Installation
  • Masonry Repair
  • Electrical box installation
  • Deck Installation/Repair
  • Plumbing Instillation
  • Caulk Removal (Windows/Tub/Showers)
  • Fiberglass repair (Boat RV, Auto, Hot Tub etc.)

If you're serious about getting the job done right, use Kutzall, the right tool for the job.

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