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Universal Mounting Kit, Angle Grinder Accessories

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SKU:  KA-13730

Angle grinder manufacturers' top nuts, wrenches, and back flanges are usually of a challenging design when mounting high-performing Kutzall Shaping wheels. In addition, some users may find that they have misplaced one or more of their mounting components. Save yourself some headaches, and get a turn-key solution, with King Arthur’s Universal Mounting Kit. This kit contains a back Universal Flange and top Nut, as well as a Wrench, to help secure your Shaping Wheel accessories onto most angle grinders.

The Universal Nut has a 21mm hex head, and replaces the different manufacturers’ 2 pin spanner nuts, for a simple and secure fit. Combined with the Universal Wrench, you can easily attach and secure Shaping Wheel for peace of mind.

The kit also includes the Universal Flange which will secure all your 7/8" center hole accessories on your angle grinder. Its cutaway sides make it easy to release, if tight, with an adjustable wrench, and most accessories that were designed to seat on the old manufacturer's flange will be easily seated on the Universal Flange.

This set standardizes the fitment of many accessories to a variety of electric and pneumatic angle grinders. The range covered includes, but is not limited to, electric and pneumatic angle grinders from 4-1/2" to 9" (115mm to 230mm).

The Kit comes in the Standard (5/8-11) size.

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