There's nothing more important than craftsmanship. It's the unique signature of every creator. Nobody understands the importance of craftsmanship better than Kutzall. That's why each and every Kutzall tool is American made and crafted to the highest quality possible. With Kutzall tools, you'll carve in confidence knowing that you left your signature with the best tool for the job.

No matter your project, Kutzall rotary carving tools are specifically engineered to cut faster, last longer, and require less cleaning. Whether it's wood, ice, stone, composites, fiberglass, or plastic, with Kutzall you'll spend more time creating and less time cleaning.


Mounting Guide: Kutzall Sanding Discs & Dish Wheels

February 10, 2015

Many of you have been wondering why we changed our Dish Wheels over from 5/8" bore to 7/8". This was to ensure proper mounting procedures were followed. To help, we've developed a Mounting Guide for your reference. Kutzall Sanding Discs and Dish Wheels feature a 7/8" I.D. and are intended to mount on a standard electric angle grinder with a 5/8" shaft. They mount on the 7/8" shoulder found on the shouldered bushing or adapter included with most angle grinders. If for some reason your angle grinder does not have one of these bushings, you may obtain one by contacting your grinder manufacturer. Mounting Kutzall wheels using a shouldered bushing assures that the wheel will spin as straight and round...

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