There's nothing more important than craftsmanship. It's the unique signature of every creator. Nobody understands the importance of craftsmanship better than Kutzall. That's why each and every Kutzall tool is American made and crafted to the highest quality possible. With Kutzall tools, you'll carve in confidence knowing that you left your signature with the best tool for the job.

No matter your project, Kutzall tools are specifically engineered to cut faster, last longer, and resist loading. Whether it's wood, rubber, ice, stone, composites, fiberglass, or plastic, with Kutzall you'll spend more time creating and less time cleaning.


Kutzall Contest Winner Horst Schach

November 23, 2015

Horst walks us through his process"A friend wanted a dining room table made from a tree stump." The rest was history. After pressure washing and trimming, Horst built a jig to create a level surface for the top. The assortment of Kutzall tools shown below to clean the inside and narrow crevices of the exterior of the stump were the only tools he could find to do the job! The cone-shaped carving burr was integral in cleaning out tight crevices in the weathered stump.   This wasn't Horst's first rodeo. "This is the fourth table I've created from old tree stumps, and in all of these endeavors, Kutzall tools were essential to the successful completion of each project and made my...

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Kutzall Rasps: From Renderings to Reality!

July 29, 2015

Creating the ultimate hand-carving tool, from concept to creation! The new lineup of Kutzall hand rasps/files are finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited! As craftsmen of quality, we set out on a daunting journey: create the ultimate hand-carving tool. We decided to take a common carving instrument found in most toolboxes, the humble hand rasp, and make it truly remarkable. Our mission was simple, our hand rasps needed to bring the same quality and shaping power that our customers have come to expect from every Kutzall product, and they needed to be able to accomplish a wide variety of carving tasks: from detailed shaping in tight spaces, to the heavy hogging typically reserved for aggressive rasps. Because of...

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