Meet Our Kutzall Creatures Contest Winners!
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Meet Our Kutzall Creatures Contest Winners!

Our 1st place Wicked Awesome award was won by Andrew Gardner from Bayonet Point, Florida! His Demon Owl Decoy, made of both tupelo and balsa wood, was carved almost entirely using a variety of our 1/8” Shaft Burrs in the Fine coating. He generally favors our Flame Burrs but also used our Sphere, Cylinder and two different Ball Nose Burrs on this project. 

Not only is the level of detail in carving and painting impeccable, but the dual-sided decoy even has wires running throughout the interior to light up the owls' piercing red eyes. There was no doubt that Andrew’s entry was one of the most creative pieces we have ever seen carved with Kutzall tools.

“I’m a fan of owls, decoys and Halloween so I always wanted to carve one and since it had to be a Halloween inspired piece I had to carve it.”  

When he was growing up, Andrew's dad taught him woodworking and from a very young age, he excelled in carving. As a product designer in the Fishing Tackle Industry, his main focus is functional artwork and his primary subjects are decoys (mainly fish), fishing lures, and trophy wall plaques. However, some of his favorite pieces to carve are turtles. Andrew's work is extremely detailed and his use of color to create hyper realistic pieces is an art form within itself. As far as inspiration goes, the artists he admires most are Tim Spreck and Harley Ragan. 

If you’re interested in Andrew's work, you can purchase one of Andrew's pieces by DMing him on Facebook or Instagram @meloshfishinglures for commissions.


Our 2nd Place Killer Creation Award went to Jonas Rosato in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! His carving caught our eye because not only was his Frankenstein (AKA Kutzenstein) the perfect fit for our contest, but as a marketer by degree, Jonas’s integration of our Burrs as props and representation of our brand was above and beyond our expectations!

This was Jonas’s first time using power tools on a carving and we are so thrilled he chose to work with our products. He used our 1/8” Shaft Cylinder and Dove Tail Burrs in Very Coarse on a large piece of basswood to create this piece which is also his largest project yet standing at about 15” tall! 

In regards to our Burrs, Jonas said, “I was able to remove wood so much quicker and the cylinder burr was great for rough shaping the upper body, muscle definition, neck and pants. I can't wait to get the new rotary burrs I ordered with my gift card from the competition. They are going to save me a lot of time on future projects.” 

As a first-time user of our tools, we are excited to welcome Jonas to the Kutzall community.

Jonas briefly picked up woodworking in 2014, but only started carving seriously in 2019. He picked up the hobby from his wife's late grandfather who would carve unique folk-inspired art and even passed down books and tools. Jonas spent his time carving various subjects like animals, spoons, pendants, Christmas decor, and really anything that caught his eye. Over the years, he has held onto his first carving ever and decided it was finally time to repurpose it and used it as the base piece of wood for the head on his contest entry!

Jonas’s primary subject now tends to be characters from shows, cartoons, video games and anything relating to 80s/90s nostalgia. He generally prefers to free-hand his work rather than carve from a pattern and loves to focus on detail. Some of the artists he follows on Instagram and YouTube for inspiration include Doug Linker, Blake Lunsford, Dan Riggott, Frantishak Bagushevich, and Steve Thomson.

As far as future projects go, he is planning on carving a chess set with his son and he just recently started taking commissions part-time. The best way to reach him is via DM on Instagram @1919_Carvings, or via email.

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